Sept 27 - 2015

The web site is updated with upcoming gigs.
Saturday October 3rd we will be appearing at Blues Over Tregrensa, October 17th we're back at Smelteverket in Oslo and November 6th we'regonna rock the house in porsgrunn for Grenland Bluesklubb.
See ya!

Feb 07 - 2014

Håkon is playing two gigs at The Roadhouse in Moscow on February 7th and 8th. This is a split gig with Billy T Band. We're gonna have a ball!

November 9 - 2013

The debut album "'Bout Time" is available now!

The album "'Bout Time" is out now!

Welcom to Håkon Høye's official webpage. This is your main source for updated information on Håkon Høye and his band the HoneyTones.

Blues, R&B, swamp rock and latin grooves are the main ingredients in his musical stew but the blues has always been the main component and the foundation of the sound.

Håkon has been an important figure in the Norwegian blues community the last 15 years and he has gained quite a reputation as a guitarist, singer and producer. Since the early 2000s he’s been working regularly with Bill Trioiani in different bands that grew out of the scene around the “Muddy Waters” club in Oslo. See Bio for the complete story!

Haakon Hoeye Bout Time

The album "'Bout Time" is now available in
major music stores!
Order your physical copy from Cruisin.no or
You can also get the album from iTunes or
check it out on Spotify!

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Robban Skoglund: Drums
Per Tobro: Bass, vocal
Kasper Værnes: Saxophone
Håkon Høye: Guitar, lead vocal